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Posture Month Week 3 – Environment

Final Week of Posture Month 2016 – Keep Standing Tall

We’re delighted to see new people joining the “May is Posture Month” movement, downloading the toolkit and posting, liking, pinning and otherwise sharing the message that Posture is Really Important!
Series2-1-236-PinterestIn answer to the questions from the newcomers (and also the procrastinators… you know who you are), here’s some suggestions on starting implementation TODAY:

  • Print and Post all 3 ACE Handouts – Awareness, Control and Environment.
  • Print copies of flyers as well so people can grab what catches their interest.
  • Latecomers – Follow the implementation plan in the toolkit, but change the ACE handouts every 3 days for the last week of Posture Month.

For those of you who’ve been with us from the beginning, this week focus awareness on people’s posture environment.  Print out and post the Environment handout,  and nearby have the Workplace Wellness and Sleeping Soundly flyers to educate and engage.

Get out in the Community

You have all the resources you need to strike up a conversation at local companies to offer posture screenings and talks.  Leave a few of the Workplace Wellness flyers with your business card. (If you need a ready-to-go powerpoint, I created a corporate health lecture, Sitting is the New Smoking, for this audience and others who spend a lot of time sitting. See it here.)

As it happens, this week I’ll present on improving your posture environment in corporate workplaces this week at the Institute for Healthcare Consumerism, a conference for HR (Human Resources) managers.  I’m excited to help the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress educate corporate America on non-opiod strategies for relieving back pain, especially those that have onsite clinics.

Let me know what you’re doing this month to promote posture with patients, clients and students, and how you’re enjoying the toolkit and we’ll share it in an upcoming newsletter. Contact us (include name, position, website).

Thanks to all of you for spreading the Posture Month 2016 message. If you haven’t already, there still time to tell your friends and colleagues to check out before the month of May is over!

“Just have to say, toolkit is AMAZING! WOW!”  ~Johan Dorfling, CPT, CPEP®

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