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Posture Month Wrap-up

Posture Month

Thanks to our sponsors, partners, friends and colleagues for getting out the message as never before that posture is important. In fact, we reached millions more…

Since 2007 we at Bodyzone have grown the “May is Posture Month” campaign to build awareness of posture’s relevance and actionability for health, happiness, and appearance.  In other words, that our posture is the physical face we present to the world, and the basis of how we interact with physical reality.

My original interest in posture came from helping people move better, combining spinal manipulation to unlock joints with massage/muscle therapy to balance fascia and muscle length tensions.  I wanted to engage people more personally towards moving better, and blended work from Janda, Yoga, Alexander, Feldenkrais and others to systematically teach in a busy practice.

Posture Protocol Evolution

The protocols evolved, and as new research keeps showing the impact and relevance of posture for health and happiness, the message broadened from pain relief to wellness, and the exercises systematized into the PostureZone® framework and the StrongPosture® protocols now taught by professionals globally.

Some threads I anticipated (such as the import of coupled segmental stabilization of deep core muscles) and some surprised me (such as the social boom in mindfulness and meditation).  Also unanticipated but welcome is the research on “attentional focus exercises”, a state we’ve described as being “dialed-in” to your body)


“ACE Your Posture”

Our goal for Posture Month was to introduce the ACE framework of improving posture, and communicate the personal actions to positively impact posture in three dimensions of – body Awareness, Control of your body and your choices, and designing your physical body’s Environment.

In the coming months we’ll be expanding on the ACE framework for StrongPosture®, adding to the workplace wellness program we presented last month for The Institute for Healthcare Consumerism (a well-regarded conference for HR managers and other corporate executives).

I encourage all of those new to the StrongPosture® concepts, PostureZone framework and PosturePractice model to investigate further by visiting my blog.

Great Job!

Thanks to all of you for sharing the message, and for your words of encouragement. The numbers already show this is the largest posture health initiative ever, with more professionals participating than ever before… through social media, and in your practices, studios and classrooms. You made a positive impact! If you have a suggestion for Posture Month, let us know.

We’ll put you on the PosturePractice newsletter list so you know what’s coming up and learn about new developments in the world of posture.  If you’d like to opt out, let us know or update your preferences by opting out of the “Professionals” group while remaining in the “Posture Month” group. cpep

If you’d like info on being the posture specialist in your community, click the red button at this page.


The amazing volume of materials provided to professionals in the Posture Month Toolkit and as part of the campaign was provided FREE thanks to the generosity of the 2016 Sponsors.

4Sleep | CPEP® | Exerstrider | Lumo Bodytech | Nada Chair | Posture Beads | PostureZone | UpriteErgo | Royal Rest | Performance Health | Chiro1Source
Thanks also to supporting partners who helped get the word to you and others!

Foundation for Chiropractic Progress – Northwestern Health Sciences University – University of Western States

Alaska Chiropractic Society – Arkansas Chiropractic Society – Bahrain Chiropractic Association – Colorado Chiropractic Association – Florida Chapter AMTA – Florida Chiropractic Association – Georgia AHPERD – Georgia Chapter AMTA – Georgia Chiropractic Association – Illinois Chiropractic Society – Indiana State Chiropractic Association – Kansas AHPERD – Maine AHPERD – Missouri State Chiropractors Association – New York State Chiropractic Association – Ohio State Chiropractic Association – Oregon Chiropractic Association – Pennsylvania AHPERD – Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association – Pilates Instructors Association of Ireland – SHAPE Colorado – Tennessee Chiropractic Association – Texas Nurse Practitioners – Texas Pilates Association – Texas Yoga Association – Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association – Washington State Chiropractic Association  

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