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International Posture Specialist Treats Pediatric Postural Issues

Posture Professional Spotlight:

Ms. Reham Jalal Mosselhy
of Al-Nibras Ideal School in Salmiya, Kuwait

Ms. Reham Mosselhy, a physiotherapist and CPEP posture specialist with 14 years of experience, represents the Certified Posture Exercise Program in Salmiya, Kuwait. Serving as head of the physiotherapy department at Al-Nibras Ideal School, she specializes in pediatric care for children with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, and Down syndrome.

Prior to becoming a physiotherapist, Mosselhy dedicated herself to volunteering in the medical field, knowing that one day, she would help change the lives of others. “Since high school, I volunteered in many hospitals – I really loved helping people. That brought me closer to my dream of becoming a physiotherapist.”

She first discovered the posture specialist training program through following PosturePractice online. “I wanted to hold a dual certification to enhance my professional development,” Mosselhy says. “I was searching for a professional certificate with a focus on posture, as most of my patients have postural scoliosis, and I was drawn to the online seminars and StrongPosture protocols offered by the CPEP program.”

On her experience with BodyZone and the posture certification program, she says, “It has been great experience for me. I can complete the program with ease through online training, and the BodyZone team is so helpful. I enjoy learning the posture protocol through the exercises and the follow up sheets – I really find it so organized.”

Because she works in pediatric physiotherapy, Mosselhy adapts the posture exercise program for the young children she treats at the Al-Nibras Ideal School. She feels that by practicing posture correction with youth, it will prevent the postural issues adults face as they age.

“Posture training is especially neglected in schools and among the elderly, so we have to make posture exercise a routine for life in order to avoid all the hazards of bad posture. This is why I find it important to teach the StrongPosture protocols to children.”

Outside of her career, Mosselhy enjoys reading, playing basketball, and spending time with her three daughters.


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