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Posture Specialist: Drs. Jade Dellinger & Jordan Leasure, DC CPEP

Posture Professional Spotlight:

Drs. Jade Dellinger & Jordan Leasure, DC CPEP
of North Shore Pro-Active Health in Libertyville, IL

Drs. Jade Dellinger and Jordan Leasure have set themselves apart in their community of Libertyville, IL, not only with their 10 Week Posture Program, but also…they are a sister-sister team.

Following their mother’s example of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle, the Leasure sisters knew they wanted to work in the field of health and wellness. Dr. Jordan opened North Shore Pro-Active Health six years ago upon graduating from Palmer College, and four years later, her sister Dr. Jade joined her at the practice.

However, they rarely work side-by-side. When asked about working with her sister, Dr. Jade jokes, “I can’t talk about that – she’s right next to me!” She continues, “People always ask how it is to work with family. The truth is we hardly see each other. One of us will be working on patients, while the other manages the office and works on marketing. Then, we’ll switch.”

When it came to implementing the StrongPosture protocols into their practice and obtaining CPEP Certification, they were firmly together on the decision: this was something they wanted to do.

Shortly after Dr. Jade joined the practice, the Leasure sisters attended a seminar and saw a demonstration of the posture protocols. “We were able to learn a little more about the CPEP program,” Dr. Jordan says, “and it just seemed like a natural integration. To have more specific training and education, then being able to get paid for that information – it just made sense to us.”

Dr. Jade agrees, stating, “The ease of the program was important. We already offer rehab at the office, and it’s nice to have another tool that we can implement with what we’re already doing. The StrongPosture exercises are something everyone should be doing, and even if they aren’t in our Posture Program, we can incorporate those exercises on an individual basis.”

Since obtaining their CPEP posture certifications, Drs. Jade and Jordan have seamlessly integrated the protocols, providing their staff with basic training on each exercise. At their practice, they hold weekly group classes of around 6-10 people as part of a 10-week Posture Program, which they offer to both patients and to newcomers.

Dr. Jordan says of their program, “We advertise the program both in the clinic and through networking in our community. Jade and I are involved with a women-based business owner’s group, as well as others, and because of our relationships with those individuals, we offer discounts. People really like it – there is such a wide variety of people involved, which is nice because the program is applicable and beneficial to everyone, regardless of activity level or age.”

The sisters have had incredible success with their Posture Program, boasting numerous success stories from patients. One patient shares her experience with the Stand Tall program:

“Unlike many chiropractors, North Shore Pro-Active Health offers classes to help one improve their health in many ways. The class I participated in was a Stand Tall class. The object of Stand Tall was to strengthen and retrain the core muscles to allow for better posture. The class was well organized and each week, we reviewed the exercises and added new ones as our strength increased. If an exercise caused unwanted pain or irritation, it was modified for the participant. We saw immediate benefits which were very exciting and gratifying. I have never felt good about my posture and have been fearful that it would lead to more significant problems as I age. In the weeks I have taken the program, Stand Tall has given me increased strength and a noticeable improvement to my posture. I am amazed at the difference it has made already. Now I really can Stand Tall!”

In addition to the success of their Posture Program, the Drs. Leasure tout the usefulness and effectiveness of the PostureZone wall grid and taking patients’ posture pictures. “People are aware of the PostureZone grid, and you will see them straighten up when they see it in our office,” Dr. Jordan says.

Dr. Jade concurs, adding, “Just telling someone, ‘You have head tilt,’ or, ‘You’re rotated,’ doesn’t have the same impact as someone viewing his own posture picture.”

The next step for the Leasure sisters? Corporate promotion. “I do a lot of professional speaking and have always mentioned the program at the end of my talk. It was actually Jade’s idea to start offering to teach classes on site, if there was enough interest,” Dr. Jordan says.

Dr. Jade feels that the CPEP Program has allowed their practice to grow and to stand out in their community. “The CPEP Certification gives us something more to discuss with our patients about what we can offer that other places don’t. Not many practices offer posture rehab.”

In Dr. Jordan’s opinion, “We feel that posture exercises have added an additional dimension to our practice. We are very holistic, offering more than a simple musculoskeletal approach to healthcare, and the posture protocols compliment our treatments.”


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