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Retailing Tip: Posture-Supportive Pillows for your Patients/Clients

One way to add revenue to your practice is through retailing products that enhance your services.

Here’s a tip for retailing posture-supportive pillows: During the initial consult, discuss how well your patient or client sleeps, as well as which positions they sleep in so you can correct their habits if they are sleeping on their stomach. Explain to them that the type of pillow you sleep on is very important. When you are sleeping in one position for a long time, and if your neck is not properly aligned, it can cause long-term damage. Tell them to bring in their pillow from home at their next appointment so you can examine if it fits them properly and is providing the proper cervical support.

You will find 9 out of 10 times the pillow is low-grade, flimsy and provides little to no support. Or, you learn that some shove 3-4 pillows under their neck at night. For the 1 in 10 that has a good pillow, give them your stamp of approval and the assurance that their pillow is providing proper support.

For the other 9, explain that if they return home and sleep on the same low-grade pillow, it will impair any treatment you give them. This is your opportunity to discuss that you carry several types of cervical pillows and let your patient test them out. Let them lie on several different types until they find one that fits them comfortably and provides the proper support. You can have them test the pillows with the plastic still on or use disposable pillow cases, or towels.

Once they decide on a pillow, write the name on a pad. The patient then takes the “prescription” to the front desk, and your staff can handle the transaction.  Whenever possible, allow staff to take the lead on product retailing.  This allows you to be seen as the specialist rather than a salesperson.

Try this tip and you will see results. It will have a positive effect on your bottom line, and your patients will be happier and sleep better.

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