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elongated torso

Stand Taller to Breathe Deeper?

Elongated torso means greater breath capacity

A recent study in the prestigious SPINE journal looked at the effect early onset scoliosis has on breathing. Researchers measured the relationship between a variety of linear radiologic measurements and pulmonary function, essentially looking at a 2D picture of the torso and seeing how much air the patient moves when breathing.

Not surprisingly, further study was suggested to look at a full 3D torso cavity and breathing. However, looking at just a single measure – the distance from T1-T12 – was able to predict pulmonary function.

In other words, shortening of the torso due to spinal distortions results in reduced ability to take a deep breath.

WEINIGER’s CONJECTURE: Unfolding the torso allows the lungs to more fully expand, which may explain why some people report being able to breathe more deeply with doing their StrongPosture® Alignment track exercises.

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