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There’s Magic in HOW You Say It

One of the keys of effective posture retraining programs is cueing. From yoga and Pilates to the PostureZone driven framework of the StrongPosture® protocols, there’s strong emphasis on correlating an individual’s motion with reality by the use of precise language.

Here’s a new study that supports:
“Statistically significant improvements in motor performance directly attributable to the focus of attention were only found in the EFA (external focus of attention) groups.”

Manual Therapy.  Volume 18, Issue 6 , Pages 458-467, December 2013.  “Attentional focus of feedback and instructions in the treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction: A systematic review.”  Catrina Sturmberg, Jodie Marquez, Nicola Heneghan, Suzanne Snodgrass, Paulette van Vliet


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