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My Teachers

Sources of Inspiration for the StrongPosture® protocols

People often ask me who were my teachers in the realm of posture.  My off-the-cuff answer is that the StrongPosture® protocols are an integration of the work of Vladimir Janda (the Czech school of rehab) with Yoga.

But the deeper answer is that I continue to draw wisdom from many authors and researchers who are fascinated with posture.  From Pantanjali to Pilates, Alexander Technique to Feldenkrais and from Tom Myers to Tom Hanna, and journals such as Gait & Posture, Manual Therapy, JMPT, Chiropractic & Manual Therapies, Spine and others shower us with endlessly fascinating new research on just how we manage to keep our inherently unstable, bipedal frame vertical.

Posture is more than how we stand because humans are designed to move, not stand still…or sit locked in front of a keyboard.  Everyone I’ve mentioned sees posture as dynamic, inextricably linked to balance, stabilization and control.

My take:  Posture is the result of your genetics, habits and injuries on the physicality of your body, and its patterns of motion over time. It’s the dance the body’s physicality and the consequences of its patterns of motion over time. Our contribution is integrating these ideas intellectually and clinically in what’s become known as the BAM StrongPosture® exercises, and systematizing a framework to communicate biomechanics in 5 Posture Principles.  My writings, the PostureZone app* and the CPEP certification program are simply extensions of these ideas.

Bottom line:  No matter how you look at it, strengthening your body awareness, control and alignment towards symmetry is a good thing.

*PostureZone is a free tool to check posture and track changes.  Download the free Posture App>>> Professionals upgrade with an in-app purchase to the pro version for only $29.99.

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