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Patients’ first posture pictures ‘not what they expect’

Mike Knapp, CA, CPEP, discusses posture rehab at his practice

As a nationally certified massage therapist and certified chiropractic assistant, Mike Knapp already knew the value of improving alignment and balance for pain management and overall health. After attending a live PosturePractice seminar in 2013, he discovered the benefit of StrongPosture® protocols firsthand as he challenged himself with doing the exercises, as well as integrating the framework into his work as a CA in Dr. Daryl Ammon’s Sanford, NC practice.

“Dr. Weiniger sure challenged me on what I thought I knew!” Knapp says. “Even having been trained in multiple fields of wellness, I found that these exercises improved my posture. I have been doing them for a year, and my movement is more efficient and fluid.”

This change in posture and movement can also be seen in his martial arts training. Knapp, who has been actively involved with martial arts for 12 years, notes, “There is less strain on the body while you’re moving with posture awareness. When you have weaker posture and misalignment, you tire out more quickly and are more prone to injury.”

In addition to his personal improvements, Knapp states his posture certification training has been easily integrated into practice and valued by patients.

“Dr. Ammons and I began implementing the posture rehab program the Monday following our seminar with Dr. Weiniger,” Knapp says. “Prior to this program we had employed various integrative rehabs and therapies, but incorporating this established, organized curriculum of protocols was an easy process. And our patients have seen dramatic results.”

Knapp explains that each patient’s individual posture program begins with a picture against the posture grid. He says establishing a baseline for progress is key to gaining patient engagement.

“I always find it funny how every patient has the same reaction when they see their first posture picture. They are just amazed – it’s not what they expect,” Knapp says. “After several weeks of progressing through the posture protocols, we take another picture. They can see the results themselves, which shows them the value of massage therapy, chiropractic and posture exercise.”

Mike has offered individual posture rehab services to patients and clients for over a year and has plans to extend the program in the near future.

“All of our patients can learn from basic posture exercises regardless of fitness level. I think the great thing about teaching posture is it applies to people from all different groups and ages. We’re able to modify and fine-tune the protocols to fit their specific needs.”


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