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VIDEO: Training StrongPosture® Balance Pt 2

Continued from Pt 1

Greater postural asymmetry means there’s more bio-mechanic strain on joints, and stressed muscles become better at moving the body in the patterns of motion that create bio-mechanic stress.

The BAM (Balance-Alignment-Motion) StrongPosture® protocols train people to become aware of their sensory misperceptions of their posture. As full-range motion is restored with passive therapy like spinal manipulation and myo-fascial therapy, the goal becomes retraining towards greater symmetry in life as they sit and stand, walk and run, work and play. Postural asymmetry begins with balance, and PostureZone® attentional focus is key to finding an individual’s specific area of relative tightness &/or weakness.

“Motion follows the path of least resistance” (3rd Posture Principle, Stand Taller~Live Longer: An Anti- Aging Strategy), and when someone’s personal perception of their posture is inaccurate, focusing their attention is the first step to restoring functional symmetry. And when people consistently report that a “simple” exercise is “A LOT harder than I thought it would be,” you see big differences in posture and how they move.

In the video below, Dr. Weiniger continues to explore and demonstrate the Balance track of the StrongPosture® BAM exercises. 

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