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DEMO: One Leg Balance Test

Challenging Balance to Assess and Benchmark PostureZone Compensations

Think you’re standing up straight? You may be somewhat wrong…or dramatically off.

The One Leg Balance Test introduces the MUST vs TRY cueing as a screening tool to check for asymmetries and functional compensation by comparing perception to reality.

  • Begin with their perceived best StrongPosture® (that’s the MUST)
  • Challenge by having them lift one leg so that the thigh is parallel to the ground (that’s the TRY)
  • Deviations give you insight about areas of strength and weakness…as well as tightness or laxity.

View the demonstration below: 

COMING NEXT: Using the PostureZone® model to begin systematically strengthening postural alignment and balance by experientially connecting perception to reality with Balance Track 1.0: Stork


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