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Guest post: Joshua Walker

Do your patients or clients complain about suffering from foot pain or heel pain?  Painful and swollen feet will affect ADLs, and if left untreated, can lead to disability.

According to a recent survey by the APMA, roughly 77 percent of Americans has experienced foot pain and that “half of all adults say that foot pain has restricted their activities—like walking, exercising, working, or playing with grandchildren—in some way.”(Day, 2014)

After professionally assessing and treating your patient’s condition, you can provide tools for self-help and maintenance to encourage regular stretching and strengthening and guard against re-injury.

Thera-Band has developed an easy-to-use, at-home system which includes:

  • BioFreeze topical analgesic
  • Thera-Band foot roller
  • 5-foot Thera-Band resistance band

The foot roller has ridges on it to gently work the foot.  The roller can be placed in the freezer to get additional cooling relief.  The band is then used to stretch, strengthen, and rehab the foot.

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Author:  Joshua Walker, Chiro1Source

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