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“Great information that can be easily incorporated into practice!”

Howard Berg, DC, CCSP (GA)

Posture Certification Training for Posture Specialists

Posture CertificationTap into the Posture Practice Niché

A strong posture exercise protocol will extend your expertise and transform your practice. Here you can access all the tools you need to train, market and get certified as a posture expert. 

Both research and common sense show that integrating exercise and active care is essential for an outcome-oriented practice focused on optimal health. The progressive core stabilization exercises at the heart of Posture Practice training and the CPEP (Certified Posture Exercise Professional) Posture Certification program increases patient/client participation leading to improved posture, measurable results, patient retention and organic referrals.


Click to get the Posture Specialist info packet.

 Take your patient/client practice to the next level with CPEP Posture Certification and perfect a bio-mechanical model that teaches focused motion exercise as integral to strengthening posture while improving balance and function. Integrating as you learn, you'll add an immediate new revenue stream while earning a posture specialist designation.

Posture Training to Suit Your Needs

Our online and live training options offer “lecture & lab” format to teach research-based biomechanical concepts and exercises that show you how to assess and strengthen not only your patients’ and clients’ posture, but also your own. The protocols are designed to fit into the practice and techniques you've already established.

The result: A complete, step-by-step, strong posture exercise protocol, along with instructive posture principles and patient-friendly demos to provide a practical framework for building your own posture practice today!

How to obtain Posture Certification

CPEP Posture Certification protocols are applicable to just about every lifestyle, age, and fitness level. Recovering from an injury or preparing for the Olympics, the posture re-education protocol can be customized to fit each individual's specific needs.  Enroll today to train as a posture specialist and get immediate access to your first online course - you will begin implementing what you learn in your practice tomorrow!  Get every detail on posture certification>>>

Our Posture Program in the Media

Recent ABC News spot features StrongPosture® Protocols. Our program, instructors and protocols are the only ones featured frequently in popular media! See lots more coverage In The News! Be a part of this positive momentum, start training now and get listed immediately!

Posture Seminars

Train to become the go-to posture specialist in your community by attending one of our nationwide seminars featuring industry-leading speaker, Dr. Steven Weiniger, ranging from 2-12 hours with designated hours counting toward posture certification (optional). Our seminars can help enrich your practice whether you're a chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, fitness instructor, trainer or other wellness professional.  Seminars near you>>>

Dallas, TX - Parker Experience


Parker Experience - Dallas
Oct 23-25 Dr. Weiniger appearing at Parker College Experience in Dallas, TX on Friday, October 24.* For course information and registration, visit the Parker Experience website or call 1-800-266-4723

Minneapolis, MN - 12 hours (click h...


Stand Taller with Strong Posture - Posture Assessment, Exercise, and Therapy for Rehab, Wellness and Anti-Aging Dr. Weiniger will present 12 hrs at Northwestern University of Health Sciences in Minneapolis, MN. To register, call NWHSU at...

Dallas, TX - 12 hours (click here f...


Posture and Movement Dr. Weiniger will present 12 hrs at Parker College in Dallas, TX. For course information and registration, please visit the Parker College website here, or call 1-800-266-4723
  Download Event Flyer by clicking...

Naples, FL - 10 hours (click here f...


Stand Taller with Strong Posture - Posture Assessment, Exercise, and Therapy for Rehab, Wellness and Anti-Aging There are up to 10 CE hours available with Dr. Weiniger.  (additional hours available at the event through other seminars...


  • Free Flyer: October is Spinal Health Month

    Tuesday, September 30, 2014

    New full-page office flyer gives tips for Mindful Movement and promotes Spinal Health Month at your practice.

  • Spinal Health Month 2014 Resources

    Friday, September 26, 2014

    October is Spinal Health Month, and as wellness professionals, we should take this opportunity to educate our patients and clients on the importance of a healthy spine.  Join us during this month, and especially on October 16, World Spine Day, in promoting awareness and understanding of spinal health and spinal disorders.

  • Posture: The foundation of physical fitness

    Friday, September 26, 2014

    Incorporating posture-focused exercise into a daily routine is important to avoid injury and work out safely, as well as to achieve better fitness results.

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