Pro Version Tutorial

PostureZone Pro Version Tutorial

Getting Started

For professional functionality, upgrade to PostureZone Pro! Click the blue PRO button (top right of the “Improve” page) from your app for a one-time $29.99 in-app purchase.

CASES to organize pictures: Management and Workflow

  • Picture import from gallery (an option to current time processing of a picture for screenings and other Click now/Check later situations)
  • For more on managing Apple’s pictures with Camera Roll and Photo Stream see
  • Setting up a new case, multi-picture sessions & case navigation

REPORTS to track, compare and communicate findings

1. Set up your profile
2. Select images & Create report (after you’ve setup your profile)
3. Customize & individualize your report (after you’ve selected images)
4. Sharing & Exporting reports
5. Report Management of reports in a case

Using PostureLines

PostureLines can be used to check other posture findings including head/pelvis level, ergonomic assessments, sports form, tracking scoliosis in children and more.

PostureZone Support

To contact support and read FAQs visit Support Page