Correct Your Posture

How to Correct Your Posture?

Are you often experiencing back pain and muscle strain? Well, the most common cause for these problems is undoubtedly incorrect posture. It encompasses the way in which your body is positioned while standing, sitting, walking and sleeping.

Positioning your body in the wrong way while working or sitting in front of the television, may lead to serious spinal health problems, such as the ones on this page.

However, in order to protect your overall health, you’re required to employ certain techniques and use products that provide your body with the necessary support.

These tips will help you transform your old habits.

Improve the way you walk and stand

Most people have a habit to slouch while standing and walking, which is the most obvious sign of incorrect posture. In order to improve it, you’re supposed to train your body to a position where your shoulders and stomach would be pulled backwards.

In case you have trouble keeping your body in a completely straight position, perhaps using a wall might be helpful. You are required to place your back against the wall, only touching it with your head, shoulders and bottom, while the other body parts should be on a slight distance from it. Once you’ve reached the optimal posture, it’s essential to keep it, even when you’re aren’t pressed to the wall. It’ll be challenging at first, but you’ll accept it as normal eventually.

Anyhow, if your back doesn’t want to cooperate, try using a medical tape in order to tape your back in the form of an X, which covers it diagonally. Also, there are products to help you correct posture, instead of using a tape, which serve the same function, but are definitely more convenient.

When it comes to walking correctly, the best way to do it, is by acting like you have a book on the top of your head. In order for the imaginary book not to fall on the ground, you’ll have to keep your back straight. Perhaps, trying to balance an actual book will help you get the right idea.

Another essential factor that affects your bearing, is the shoes you’re wearing. Make sure you find ones that are appropriate for your type of feet, as not all feet have the same arch. It is also imperative for the shoes to be equipped with a good sole as well as cushions, particularly for people who spend most of their days on their feet.

Improve the way you sit

Apart from the standing and walking posture, the sitting position is crucial as well, since you spend plenty of time sitting. Whenever you’re sitting on a chair, make sure you back is placed against the chair and your feet touch the floor. Although most people find crossing their legs more comfortable, this habit isn’t beneficial for your spinal health.

Furthermore, office workers or anyone whose job involves computer work, are supposed to choose a chair that provides the right support and it can be easily adjusted to the person’s height. However, having the right chair won’t be entirely beneficial unless the computer isn’t adjusted in accordance with your height. Visit the following link:, to learn about the best sitting positions as well as the ones you’re supposed to avoid.

Additionally, you should be paying attention to your position while driving, particularly when going on long trips. Both the wheel and the pedals should be neither too close nor too far from you, as otherwise driving wouldn’t be comfortable. Make sure you adjust your seat back to your optimal position every time another person sits behind the wheel.

However, sitting correctly all the time doesn’t mean that you should be glued to the chair, without moving around all day. If your work obliges you to sit all day or you’ve set off on a long journey by car, don’t forget to take short breaks every few hours or more frequently if possible.

Correct your sleeping position

Taking care of your bearing doesn’t end even when you go to bed, since the way in which you sleep, has a tremendous influence on it as well. Regardless of the position your body take while sleeping, you will never have the right support unless you use pillows to place them under those body parts that don’t touch the mattress.

Also, whenever you wish to turn around, it’s important not to reposition only one body part, but all of them at the same time. Make sure your mattress provides you with the necessary comfort, as otherwise you’ll be waking up with constant back pain. Click here for some tips on choosing the right mattress.


Taking care of your posture means taking care of your overall health.

Train your body to feel the benefits!