Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to enroll?

Doctors (DC, MD, DO, DDS, DPM, etc.), physical and occupational therapists, massage therapists, personal trainers, athletic trainers, nurses, physical education teachers, coaches, yoga and Pilates instructors, trained dance instructors, Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais instructors, Rolfers, physician and chiropractic assistants, senior care specialists, nurses, and other health, wellness and fitness professionals.

How will CPEP® fit into my practice?

The StrongPosture® protocols are a framework, or flow of exercise, you can teach patients/clients – a step at a time – over many visits. The protocol is specifically designed to mesh with the techniques, therapies and exercises you already offer in practice. Whether you prefer low-tech tools like wobble boards or new-tech like vibration boards – we’ll show you how to incorporate the tools you already as peelbacks or progressions.

Is StrongPosture® exercise right for my clients/patients?

You know it is. Posture exercise is applicable to every lifestyle, age, and fitness level. CPEP’s incorporate posture protocols with all age groups, kids to teens, boomers, seniors and geriatrics. They work with all ranges of ability and activity, from teenage athletes to computer-bound professionals. Whether a patient/client is recovering from an injury or preparing for the Olympics, there is a way to peelback or progress the posture protocol to fit their specific needs.

Many professionals holding CPEP® posture specialty certification work with special populations and are integrating the protocols with specialty practices including working with aging populations, prenatal and postnatal clients, pediatric practices, children with Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and spina bifida, patients seen for scoliosis treatment, stroke recovery, Parkinson’s disease, gait re education, as well as peak performance, holistic and wellness practices.

How long does it take to complete the program?

Enrollees can complete certification within 3 months, while others choose to use the full 24 months for completion. We encourage you to take only as much time as you need to learn the protocols, and satisfy all requirements to earn certification. We’d like you to complete the program within 24 months. If there is a special circumstance, we will grant your request for an extension. To keep you on track the program includes a 15 Step Guide that provides a framework for completing the requirements systematically.

How does online training work?

There are a few online components. The required online course Clinical Posture Practice is video-based and can be accessed 24 hours via any internet connection. Complete 20 minutes at lunch, or an hour at midnight… whatever works best for your schedule. Each time you log in, you have the option to pick up where you left off, or back up and review the material.

If you opt to complete training via the online interactive platform – instead of a live, hands-on seminar (your choice) – after completing the online coursework Clinical Posture Practice, you’ll gain access to the CPEP® training area where you’ll get video assignments and receive feedback, correction and encouragement via personal video response.

Ultimately, the interactive training ensures you learn the protocols to successfully integrate into practice and teach your clients or patients… when we’re confident that you’re clear and precise in your technique, you move on to the next lesson.

Do I have to attend a live seminar?

No! You choose how to satisfy the training requirement. You may attend a live seminar or train via the interactive online video platform. Initially launched for international enrollees, this training option is now offered to all CPEP® applicants. You’ll benefit from the same interactive experience and feedback as seminar attendees, with no travel!

If you choose this option for training, it replaces the live seminar component in the CPEP Posture Certification package (currently no additional cost). Note: Due to the personal, one-on-one instructor time requirement of the training platform, enrollee is expected to complete preliminary requirements and study materials prior to beginning this final training component.

"CPEP Certification" vs "CPEP Certification Turnkey Program"

“CPEP Certification” – the lower priced listing – includes everything required to achieve CPEP posture certification.

The second option, “Complete Posture Practice and CPEP Certification” includes other items, like the digital posture assessment software, an additional corporate/community lecture, practice posters, banners and a portable grid for posture screenings, etc. This package is offered for those professionals who want EVERYTHING we have that complements the posture exercise protocols – and is packaged at a discount. Many refer to it as a turn-key posture exercise program in a box (though it actually ships in several boxes)!

Is there an extended payment option?

Yes! You can register for the certification program and arrange a 3-15 month extended payment plan.

You still get immediate access to online education, training resources and materials are shipped, access to online videos and printed material for marketing, you’re listed in the CPEP directories and in the PostureZone app. Our plan is for you to incorporate as you learn, right away.

Typically payment plans payments are paid monthly, and the payment is set for $219-$839 a month. We can design a plan that works for you. Become a Certified Posture Exercise Professional TODAY – get the training and tools, get listed online and in the PostureZone App for iPhone/iPad – and delay payments!

Connect with our LiveChat operator now, call or email via the contact form and we’ll set you up!

I’ve already taken Clinical Posture Practice online, do I have to repeat it?

If you’ve taken the 15 hour online posture practice course within the last 24 months, you may apply these hours towards your educational requirements for certification. It’s important that you call us to enroll, as the completed hours may mean you’re due a discount on certification! 770-922-0700 If it’s been longer, contact us to provide a few more details.

I’ve already finished some of the components. Is there a discount?

Yes, if you’ve already completed a portion of the requirements, you will get a reduction in CPEP posture certification registration. Please contact us before enrolling online. In many cases we are able to reduce the cost of registration. 770-922-0700

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, always. Currently, the second person to get posture certified in a practice is $499-$999 (depends on background, and training option chosen). For larger groups, additional discounts may apply. Note: We also offer group, private training. Please contact us. 770-922-0700

Do I qualify for a scholarship or tuition discount?

Twice yearly we offer a partial-tuition scholarship to a student, new practitioner, or professional with limited financial resources, or special hardship circumstance. In some areas, there is also the opportunity to enroll as a liaison at a reduced tuition. To find out if you qualify, contact us via the contact form on this website.

I’ve already taken a live course, do I have to take another?

If you’ve taken a qualifying full-length 12 hour posture practice course within the last 18 months, you may be able to apply those hours towards your educational requirements for certification. If you’ve taken a shorter length course, contact us with the details. Either way, please gather your documentation of continuing education and call us. 770-922-0700

Will certification hours apply as to license renewal CE credit?

Yes, in most cases the hours you earn can be applied to your professional license and/or certification renewal. The guidelines differ depending on profession and state/province/country where you reside. Please contact us for specific information. Our online course sponsor is University of Western States. The live courses are sponsored by various educational institutions and vary depending on location and event host.

Here’s more, we are an approved provider for DC, NCBTMB, MT and AT. Physical Therapists, Certifed Personal Trainers, and many other health and fitness professionals have been successful obtaining credit approval. We are happy to provide the verification info and CE transcript to make the process easy.

Will I need anything else to begin training in posture rehab?

We recommend an anti-burst exercise ball, a stability trainer foam disc, an elastic exercise band, and a half-round foam roller. These items are available from your supplier, or contact us for a referral. If you’d like to buy these items from, contact us for a CPEP enrollee coupon code.

After I enroll, where do I start?

You can begin right now! Once enrolled, you’ll have immediate access to online training. Use the handy 15 Step Guide to stay on track for completion. Dig in as soon as you like – meanwhile, we’ll gather up your tools and materials and ship them out right away. Most items ship Priority and arrive within a couple of days. These items complement the protocol and will be a great asset as you learn the protocols.

You’ll also be contacted by the CE Coordinator with the CPEP Overview and Checklist. Use the checklist to plan and track your progress. Within a couple of days you’ll have access CPEP Members Only area of this website where you’ll find marketing materials (videos and printable downloads).

The idea is to begin implementing the concepts into practice immediately, as you learn. The excitement and results of your patients and clients will boost your motivation to keep moving forward with the program!

How does CPEP® compare to other posture certifications?

The breadth of the CPEP posture certification program sets it apart from any other. As you read through the materials, course descriptions, reviews and international media consider the depth of material, requirements (builds credibility with a prospective client base), applicability to your current practice offerings, ease of implementation into existing practice, reproducibility in practice, public and media perception (we have articles and reviews posted) and value of ongoing support and relationship.

CPEP is more than a certificate. Our network of pros work with us to continue to build their posture practices. We provide new materials and monthly downloads for use in patient/client education and business marketing, we continue to educate you with latest research and protocol modifications, and we call on our CPEP network regularly to contribute to articles and schedule interviews for mainstream media features.

Our success reaching the general public through international media,, and Stand Taller Live Longer provides a platform for teaching the benefits and importance of posture awareness, and strengthening posture with exercise… those contacts are referred directly to our network of CPEP posture pros (you) through multiple online directories.

We’re delighted to speak with you to answer all your questions as they pertain to other posture certifications like Egoscue and online-only programs, other posture techniques and integration into your existing practice and with current and prospective patients/clientele. Call us today: 770-922-0700

Posture certification reviews

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See what other professionals say about the program and how they are successfully integrating the protocols into practice. Then, take a look at the course content reviews on our Seminars Review Page.

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