Certification Requirements

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Certification Requirements

CPEP Posture Certification requires completion of educational and practical integration modules, as well as implementation tools. Practice promotion, marketing materials and ongoing support are also included.

See the 7 steps to earning your posture specialist designation!

  1. Enroll in CPEP Posture Certification
  2. Complete Clinical Posture Practice Online Course (immediate access)
  3. Attend a live seminar or online training series
  4. Read Stand Taller ~ Live Longer
  5. Watch 15 Steps to a Posture Practice (online step-by-step guide)
  6. Watch Management, Implementation and Branding (on-demand videos)
  7. Complete online exam/proficiency assessment.

Posture Practice Tools (Included):

“The postural aids are very helpful in educating the patients on the importance of strong posture. I have been extremely happy with the CPEP program and its continued support of Dr. Weiniger and even a year after completion.” ~Dr. Austin Hsu

Also Included:

  • New: Listing in PostureZone app for iPhone/iPad (on enrollment)
  • New: Social Media promotion, connection and support
  • Preferred posture specialist locator listings online (multiple sites, on enrollment)
  • CPEP decal for office visibility (on enrollment)
  • CPEP logo for marketing
  • CPEP T-shirt
  • CPEP Certificate (on completion)

Ongoing Support:

  • Benefit from our positive posture press. We work with media internationally promoting posture.
  • CPEP Exclusive Monthly News includes research, updates, technique, signs and flyers
  • CPEP Exclusive Resource Area – provides ongoing supplemental online training, webinars and materials
  • Discount on all posture tools
  • Access to staff for support, program help and implementation questions



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“Dr. Weiniger and BodyZone Staff have helped in every aspect of practice from patient acquisition, retention, their follow through and the very important part of empowering the patient to be involved in their care.” ~Dr. Alan Thompson

You save over $400 when you register for the posture certification program. You may also buy and complete components separately. If you have already finished any required component or own items included with CPEP, please contact us for a discount on tuition.

You’re welcome to join live and online seminars even if not pursuing CPEP posture certification at this time!

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