Posture Pictures

Posture Pictures

Posture Assessment, Screenings, Marketing & Forms

Effective, powerful, inexpensive methods to blend the nuts and bolts of taking and analyzing pictures, communicating postural bio-mechanics and marketing strategies for doctors, therapists and trainers.


  • Why posture is a powerful tool to build your practice.
  • How posture assessments demonstrate the value of your services.
  • Methods to easily setup and capture posture pictures.
  • Steps to analyze patient/client posture images – front, back and side views.
  • Posture-centric bio-mechanical client/patient education.
  • Common postural adaptations and muscle patterns.
  • Tips for setting up public posture screenings.

BONUS Forms & Flyers

  • Posture Assessment Forms (clinical and screening posture analysis forms)
  • Posture Screening Intake Questionnaire
  • Marketing Flyers (customize for your event and offer)

If you look at the structure of a human body, you’re looking at posture. Get real-world tools to integrate posture into practice in 3 dimensions- clinical, educational & marketing… branding you as a posture expert. Author Dr. Steven Weiniger, international posture expert has trained thousands of health and fitness pros in StrongPosture® protocols for rehab, performance and aging well.

Posture Picture Reviews

Purchased for a doctors office right before corporate lecture, actually morphed the talk after scanning the patient communication section and fit nicely with included handout.

Looking at a grid now and taking pictures of all patients during care. Tight rationale.

Dr. Samuel, Chiropractor, Owner

This book was very helpful in helping me create a complete and professional posture and movement segment to my existing business.

Good advice on how to get the most out of your assessment tools and how to promote posture screenings.

Tyler Tsujimoto, CPT, CPEP®, CES, PES, Nutritionist, NewStar Fitness

Forms & Flyers Included!