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Study: Low Back Pain & Postural Control

Recent study in the European Spine Journal compares the postural control of individuals with chronic low back pain (cLBP) with normals.

Conclusion: Postural control, as evidenced by increased oscillation of COP (center of pressure of where you are standing), is impaired in individuals with cLBP relative to controls. Differences are magnified by visual deprivation and unstable surface conditions.

Clinical Pearl: Use the PostureZone app to benchmark and track alignment of head, torso and pelvis over visual center of foot pressure with annual posture pictures.

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Caffaro RR, França FJ, Burke TN, Magalhães MO, Ramos LA, Marques AP (Feb 2014). Postural control in individuals with and without non-specific chronic low back pain: a preliminary case-control study. Eur Spine J.  Retrieved from


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