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Are Standing Desks a Workplace Inactivity Solution?

Many have asked for my opinion on standing desks, and have responded that I like the theory, but have not used one.

My longtime habit has been to get up frequently, walking around using a wireless phone or ear bud when on calls. I also make a point to periodically stretch on the thera-band exercise ball I sit on part of the day. So even though I’m personally conscious that activity is important and work it into my day, I’ve agreed that a standup desk could be a good idea.

One concern I’ve had was the reports from some about their feet hurting at the end of the day. Another was the possibility of loss of my desk area and drawers – I don’t want to change an organizational system that works. Expense is a consideration factor, and finally – they look cool, but how much would I really use it?

To explore the practicality and potential benefits we spoke with VARIDESK, a manufacturer of height-adjustable desks. They provided a model for review that sits on top of my existing desk (no organizational disruption) and accommodates my 27″ iMac, a 2nd large monitor, mouse and keyboard (my electronics weight approx. 42lbs total).

I was not looking forward to a box arriving with complex nuts and bolts and instructions, and was pleasantly surprised the desk came fully assembled… a clean plug and play.

My first impressions upon setup:

  • It solves the problem of my monitors being too low to allow me to sit tall and look straight ahead (so the Gray’s Anatomy and Boyd’s Pathology I’ve used for monitor stands are back on my bookshelf)
  • Significant side benefit is having more levels helped organize and clean up my desk
  • It feels stable with the weight of two monitors
  • Desk surface lifts up and down easily – from sitting to standing height

I’ll follow up in a few weeks and report on how I like the new standing desk and if/how it changes my work environment and habits.

The standing desk I received from Varidesk is like the one shown here.  Unless you have dual monitors you won’t need the largest model.

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