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Posture Specialist: Dr. Anita Kelley-Dukes, DC CPEP

Posture Professional Spotlight:

Dr. Anita Kelley-Dukes, DC CPEP
of Crestview Chiropractic Clinic in Crestview, FL.

Dr. Anita Kelley-Dukes has been a practicing chiropractor for 30 years and obtained her CPEP Certification in early 2011. Her philosophy toward providing healthcare is to take care of the whole body, which is why she incorporates nutrition and exercise in her practice. However, Kelley-Dukes states that she did not always have great success in helping her patients to be active – that is, until she became a CPEP.

“From the beginning, I have tried to get patients to exercise. I started by handing out [exercise] sheets-it didn’t work. I had tried other programs, as well, which were time-consuming and still not effective. When I went to my first CPEP class – I thought, ‘This is what I’ve been looking for – this is what’s missing.’ I knew I could go back to my office tomorrow and make a difference in people’s lives.”

What impressed Kelley-Dukes about her CPEP training is that it was the first program that she had seen patients retain and practice outside of their visits. “They see immediate results themselves; they feel better immediately; it’s easy, and they just love to do it. And they’re willing to pay for it.”

Dr. Kelley-Dukes boasts 100% patient participation in posture exercises, saying that no matter the age or fitness level, there is something for everybody. She tailors the exercises to match the patient in order to maximize their results and says that there isn’t just one big “success story,” but that everyone talks about how much better the exercises make them feel.

“It’s not like there’s just one person who has a story. Patients sit in the waiting room and talk about it. You can’t walk into any room in the office without seeing the rehab room. The patients see the balls and other tools we use, see people of all ages doing the exercises, and it’s not many visits before they ask: ‘What is that? When do I get to do that?’”

In addition to making an impact on her patients’ lives, Kelley-Dukes has inspired several of her colleagues to pursue CPEP Certification due to her strong belief in its efficacy. “I go to the FCA Conventions and make sure I get all the required hours. Much of it, I’m not going to go back and use Monday morning. I hear [colleagues] talking about which classes they’re going to, and I try to tell them that CPEP training is something you can use immediately, see immediate results, and get paid for it.”

As a healthcare practitioner, Kelley-Dukes says that the greatest advantage of the CPEP program is the joy she gets from seeing patients doing the exercises and getting results. “CPEP has been the missing link for quite some time. The neuromuscular reeducation – seeing people have better balance, sustaining fewer injuries, and seeing my treatments holding longer – these are the benefits of the CPEP program.”


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