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Steven Weiniger

Posture Expert Dr. Steven Weiniger has trained thousands of doctors, therapists, trainers, and other health professionals to first rehab injuries and then help patients and clients keep moving well with StrongPosture® exercise protocols.

Dr. Weiniger wrote the book on improving posture, Stand Taller Live Longer.  He also authored Posture Pictures: Posture Assessment, Screenings, Marketing and Forms, and the postural assessment chapter in the textbook Photographic Manual of Regional Orthopedic and Neurological Tests.

Know as the posture guru, his expertise is featured extensively in media, including NBC, FOX, ABC, Oprah’s Oxygen network, Scripps Howard News, Natural Health, Prevention Magazine, Bottom Line Health, Golf Digest and industry journals.

Dr. Weiniger is lead instructor for the certified posture specialist program, Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP).  To promote posture awareness, Dr. Weiniger developed the PostureZone app. The free posture assessment app helps people identify posture asymmetries and track changes over time.


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