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Posture: The foundation of physical fitness

As society becomes increasingly sedentary and waistlines continue to grow, people are looking for quick fixes in the form of crash diets and brutal exercise regimens to help them get back into shape. For those who don’t have a strong foundation in fitness, jumping into these exercise programs can be difficult and even dangerous. Incorporating posture-focused exercise into a daily routine is important to avoid injury and work out safely, as well as to achieve better fitness results.

Roxanne Smith, a Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP) and Jazzercise instructor in Fredericksburg, VA, finds that incorporating posture strengthening tips and exercises into her classes helps her students perform more effectively.

“During Jazzercise classes, I will tell my students to squeeze their shoulder blades together, to stand tall. We work on balance through tightening up the abs and doing pelvic tilts. Posture increases muscle ability, which helps to avoid strain and injury during a workout.”

Smith has also noticed that her students have benefited from her posture specialist teachings, seeing many of her students carrying themselves differently and asking questions about posture after class.

“Many are worried about getting a dowager’s hump. I emphasize to them that, as they age, if they don’t strengthen their posture, they’ll have spinal issues, osteoporosis, arthritis, and other ailments. Some go home and do the exercises outside of class, and it shows in their workouts at the center.” She continues, “Since I’ve become more knowledgeable about the benefits of posture, I can help give them a better workout.”

Dr. Erika Putnam also touts the value of StrongPosture exercise in a fitness regimen. Her CPEP training influences her chiropractic work as well as her recent 200-hour certification in yoga instruction. Additionally, Dr. Putnam has a diverse fitness background, with experience in cycling, CrossFit, and aerobics, and she says that posture is the foundation of where all movement comes from.

“Having strong alignment reduces stress and injury during any cardio workout. Good postural form is not only preventative, but also becomes an exercise in itself. Coming from a good place of postural mechanics, your motion patterns will be more normal, which means bigger range of motion for your body to work with, yielding maximal strength, endurance and flexibility.”

Dr. Putnam believes that in addition to providing a strong base for fitness, being in touch with your body’s posture is at the foundation of taking control of your own health, wellness, and happiness.

“I tell my patients and clients that their health is their own responsibility. Getting people in tune with their bodies starts with posture awareness, which in turn sets them up for being able to achieve what they want: better fitness, better lifestyles.”

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