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Dr. Weiniger on NBC Charlotte Today

PostureMedia:  NBC Charlotte Today


The hosts of NBC’s Charlotte Today show want to know why sitting is the new smoking, and what steps they can take to improve their posture.

They invited Dr. Weiniger to the show to elaborate on the reasons they should be concerned with their postural habits.

“Studies show that as posture degenerates, people have a shorter lifespan,” Dr. Weiniger says.

Dr. Weiniger demonstrated a one-legged balance exercise that they can do throughout the day to strengthen their posture and encouraged that they use the free PostureZone app to document their posture annually.

Watch the clip here!

PostureZone app is a free tool to assess posture and track improvement or decline overtime.  Download the free Posture App>>> Professionals can upgrade to the pro version for only $29.99.

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