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chicken or the egg

Which comes first? The Chicken or Egg of Posture & Motion

Improving symmetry vs. learning new patterns of movement

A doctor asked me which comes first:  posture improvement or improving motion?

My answer:  Yes.

Posture and motion are two sides of the same coin, spiraling bio-mechanic causes and effects in the dance of movement.  Breakdown in one causes loss of function in the other.  And functionally strengthening one sets the other on a better course as well.

From the perspective of actionability though, it makes sense to start with posture.  Bilateral symmetry of upright stance and front to back alignment may not always a prerequisite for good quality motion, but someone with good posture will find it’s far easier to learn to do just about any activity or any motion well.

The alternative is for person to learn a motion – say swinging a golf club – and work towards better form in an adaptive body, and then re-train that body towards better posture as a tactic for better form (much less as a way to train their body towards stronger posture for aesthetic or health reasons).

Learning a new movement involves training and choreographing subtle motion of muscles, ligaments and joints to move in patterns orchestrated by controlling nerves.  And it also involves keeping your balance, which is the overarching imperative of posture.

Posture Principle 2:  Posture is HOW you balance your body.



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