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DEMO: StrongPosture® Alignment Track Intro

Systematically retraining attentional focus is the key to changing ingrained motion patterns.

A recent study supported the idea that in order to rehab an injury, one must not just address the problematic area, but also look at how that injury impacts the movement of unaffected regions.

Watch the video below to see Dr. Weiniger introduce the alignment track.

The StrongPosture® exercise protocols retrain sensory and motor errors towards symmetry with control, sequencing training along the three tracks of Balance, Alignment and Motion (BAM). These three tracks correspond to the three elements of posture, and reintegrate upper and lower body control by focusing attentional awareness by PostureZone®.

The PostureZone® app (Free for consumers, $29.99/ lifetime pro version) is a tool to visually benchmark and measure the relationship of head, torso and pelvis over where someone stands, and actually see change over time with clinical intervention and StrongPosture® exercise.


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