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How to do a Posture Assessment

Are you offering posture assessments?

Learn how to analyze posture against the PostureZone assessment grid.  Watch this posture assessment tutorial and start offering posture screenings now!


You can start offering simple but impactful postural assessments by adding just a few minutes to the patient encounter. Going the extra mile by taking a posture picture makes all the difference because rather than just telling a patient or client what you’re seeing, you can SHOW them.

Better still, if you document a baseline of posture on the first visit (or the very next visit), then at the end of your treatment plan, rehab program, or phase of care, you can take another photo for comparison.

Comparison reports will show improvement or decline. The results will be powerful either way.

Great results show the rehab program is working, leading to happy referrals and patient retention.  Posture picture comparison reports that show decline inspire immediate compliance!  From the practitioner’s perspective, it’s a win-win.

Posture Grids

Into Posture? You’re a candidate for CPEP® Posture Specialist Certification!

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