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NASCAR Human Performance Driver Injury Prevention

NASCAR Human Performance & Injury Prevention

By Kyle B. Jones, DC, CPEP®

Professional Motorsports racing at the NASCAR Cup series level requires a large team of many different types of professionals. They range from the driver and pit crew to the engineers and machinists. All of which utilize their body and challenge their postural endurance on a daily basis.

As the official chiropractor of a NASCAR team, I have witnessed first hand the rigors of the sport. The drivers sit long hours with intense mental focus utilizing every bit of coordination and strength to push their car to the front of the pack. The pit crew leaps over the wall thrusting their body onto the ground in order to remove the lug nuts and 70 lb tires from the car, only to do the process in reverse to get the car back on the track as soon as possible. But none of it would be possible without the engineers sitting at a computer for hours on end creating and optimizing the car, and the shop guys building that car from the ground up.

Posture’s Role in Human Performance & Injury Prevention

All of the team members are of equal importance, yet all have very different daily responsibilities. One common denominator is the requirement of a strong postural stabilizing system to help support them while performing their task at hand.

As the team chiropractor, I have been assigned the responsibility of reducing injury and improving human performance and function. I have evaluated each individual for deficiencies and created an awareness of postural habits among the team members. I’ve educated them on how to correct their flaws with specific posture exercises and have improved mobility with specific chiropractic adjustments. The combination of chiropractic and StrongPosture® exercises has allowed them to achieve the desired result of maximum output and less frequent injury.

The StrongPosture® protocols have equipped me with the knowledge of how to activate deep core intrinsic muscles, improve subconscious proprioception, and increase mobility allowing these NASCAR professionals the best opportunity to perform their task at hand. This process, combined with precise chiropractic care, has made my services an integral part of their team.

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