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Health Care Reform

ObamaCare Creates Opportunities

It’s decided: ObamaCare will become our new American healthcare system.  Like it or not,  the economics of US healthcare will be guided by a new rulebook, one which puts us into silver, bronze or gold insurance plans… or face an increasingly punitive tax.

As the arguments continue between celebrating Democrats and Republicans hoping for a post-Romney victory repeal, remember this:

  • It takes years to change the healthcare system, and taking away a new benefit will become far more difficult as time goes on.
  • People always want the best they can get for themselves
  • Boomers are getting older, and older people suffer with more back, joint and muscle pain
  • Since 1992 back pain is rising, with more doctor visits (MD as well as chiropractic), more drug prescriptions, and more surgeries. In an increasingly sedentary society this is no surprise.

I did not support ObamaCare, but in all probability it will be the healthcare framework for the next few decades.  Tremendous opportunities exist and will be created for chiropractors, massage therapists, and other manual therapy providers who build strong relationships while empowering people to get the best value for their money.

Build value by addressing, correcting, and helping people to manage their own problems so they feel that they are getting value for their dollars….another reason for posture education and focused individualized exercise to strengthen posture, and help your patients feel better in all aspects of their health.


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