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Posture: It’s a Personal Thing

Saga Magazine interviews Dr. Weiniger

PostureMedia:  Saga Magazine

People know that better posture helps you to look better, but few are aware that improving posture can boost mood, add longevity, and relieve chronic pain.

Dr. Weiniger speaks with Saga Magazine health writer Siski Green about the tremendous & unexpected benefits of standing (and sitting!) taller plus moving more throughout the day.

“…our recommendation for everyone is to strive to stand taller and work to move with symmetry and control, and doing some exercise for strength and endurance/cardiovascular,” says Dr. Weiniger.

But to those who think they should strive for perfect posture, he says it’s a “personal thing” that’s highly relative to factors such as sex, age, and physical ability.

“Men and women have different relative strengths and weaknesses, and so different relative risk factors.”

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