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sleep breathing & children

Posture & Sleep Disordered Breathing: Does this affect behavior in children?

Posture & Sleep-Disordered Breathing:  How does this impact behavioral problems in children?


A recent study says, “Children with sleep disordered breathing (SDB) are at significantly increased risk of behavioral problems, including hyperactivity, attention problems, aggressiveness, and reduced social competency, results of a longitudinal study showed.”1


Hyperactivity is up dramatically– this week saw a report saying 20% of high school students are diagnosed as ADHD.

SO…my out-of-box CONJECTURESince posture affects breathing, is there a connection between posture degeneration, sleep breathing problem and behavioral issues?


1.  Bankhead, Charles.  “Sleep Disordered Breathing Takes Toll on Kids.”  MedPage Today, April 1 2013.  “


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