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Posture Specialist: Dr. Brent Warner, DC CPEP

Posture Professional Spotlight:

If someone said you could lose over 100 lbs just by doing 10-15 minutes of StrongPosture exercise a day, would you believe it?

Just ask Dr. Brent Warner.  He’s living (and lighter) proof.

Warner, a chiropractor of nearly a decade, realized he needed to make a lifestyle change while attending a StrongPosture seminar with Dr. Weiniger in December 2007.  “Dr. Weiniger started doing the exercises and said these were something every chiropractor should be able to do.  I couldn’t do even the most basic ones.”

In January 2008, he began his weight loss journey.  With a starting weight of 340 pounds, Warner dedicated 10 to 20 minutes a day to completing the StrongPosture exercises, and over the next 18 months, he shed over 100 pounds.

“Not only did the exercises get me started on a path toward fitness, but it helped to reduce my level of stress,” Warner states.

Warner traveled to Atlanta to finish his CPEP certification in 2010 and was shocked at his own transformation; now, he could complete all of the exercises, as well as cue others.  “I had been doing the exercises on my own, but returning to the class and seeing how much I had accomplished – it truly amazed me.”

He has since been incorporating the StrongPosture exercise protocols into his own practice through a combination of individual sessions, group, and community classes.  “Nearly every patient receives some form of StrongPosture exercise training,” Warner says.  “I work with another doctor, and even she will bring her patients over to me so that I can show them some of the exercises.”

Dr. Warner does something unique that has helped him to become known as the “Posture Expert” in his community of Richlands, VA.  He holds monthly open classes for patients and their friends and family, in which he discusses the importance of posture, cues the attendees through some of the StrongPosture exercises, and then holds a Q&A at the end of the session.

“Even if 80% of the class consists of existing patients, the newcomers usually return as new patients – and that makes it completely worth the time.”

Warner strongly encourages other healthcare professionals to seek out CPEP training, not only for the patients’ benefit, but also for personal growth and positive change.

“If a healthcare professional takes the time to go through the protocols and see how it helps him improve, he will want to incorporate it into practice.”

See Dr. Warner talk about his experience with StrongPosture exercise, CPEP certification, and making lifestyle changes in the short video below.

Dr. Brent Warner, DC CPEP of Warner Chiropractic Clinic practices in Richlands, VA.

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