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Posture Specialist: Boyd Williams, DC CPEP

Dr. Boyd Williams, DC CPEP

Family Wellness Center – Rochester, MN
A Rochester, MN native who has practiced in his community for over 20 years, Dr. Boyd Williams, DC, CPEP, has developed his unique posture and fall prevention niche through integrating his posture certification training at his practice, as well as producing a number of community outreach and wellness programs centered on postural health.

Williams understood the power of spinal and postural health from a young age. In 8th grade, he began working for his uncle, Dr. Bob Jensen, a chiropractor, whose influence led him to pursue chiropractic as his career.

“Uncle Bob helped people to feel better, improving and restoring lives. He always took time with his patients. It was clear to me that this was the right path.”

Upon becoming a chiropractor and sports rehabilitation specialist, Williams enjoyed the satisfaction of helping people to recover from their ailments and practice preventative wellness. However, after seeing Dr. Weiniger at a state convention, his practice gained a new directive: posture assessment and rehab.

“I could relate to everything [Weiniger] said – his protocols not only matched up with our philosophy, but also provided a strong, formal model from which to work. It was easy to take his teachings back to practice and get started Monday.”

Williams recounts the experience of incorporating the StrongPosture® protocols into practice, stating that with the preliminary tools and training he received over the weekend, he was able to deliver posture exercise immediately.

“Everything was full-speed ahead after that seminar. I bought the posture grid and book Posture Pictures, which allowed me to begin taking postural assessment pictures for all patients. We also had posture assessment forms, posture training DVDs, and research to provide education and rehab on an individual and group basis. I knew I had come into a quality program, and I wanted to do it right.”

Through his CPEP training and professional experience both in office and in the community, Dr. Williams insists it is time for the posture-focused niche to grow.

“The StrongPosture® protocols are changing the wellness profession.  Dr. Weiniger has put these exercises in a sequential protocol, which is easy to implement and engaging for patients.  Posture certification has been a simple way to add tools to my tool bag for a low investment of time and money, with great return and the personal gratification of helping so many.  It has certainly given me a competitive edge in promoting my services.”

The depth of research, Williams believes, is at the heart of what makes the program so engaging.

“It has been long-established that prime health and fitness is built on a ‘three legged stool’: cardio, strength and flexibility. To my patients, I propose a ‘four legged stool’: cardio, strength, flexibility AND balance. There is so much research in Dr. Weiniger’s materials that supports postural strength and balance. Posture impacts physique and also a great many things in your body – breathing, digestion, and cardio function. Patients understand those principles, and the research drives it home.”

Once Williams had implemented his CPEP training into practice, he knew this was something he could take into his community and make a big impact. His next move was clear to him: presenting fall prevention classes at local senior living centers.

“My heart’s desire is to help seniors improve posture and balance to promote healthy aging. I worked with Dr. Weiniger to develop a formal program. Since then our clinic has presented at a number of senior facilities here in Rochester, sharing research on preventing falls and the benefits of strengthening posture. Small changes in their daily life habits can make huge improvements to their well-being and quality of life. With a little humor, love, and encouragement, everyone has a good time. We’ve been very well received.”


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