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70-90 new patients begin the posture program monthly

Posture Professional Spotlight:  Rebecca Gould, CA, CPEP

Rebecca Gould has been a Chiropractic Assistant for nearly three years and a CPEP posture specialist (Certified Posture Exercise Professional) for one year.  She credits her training in posture exercise to the success of Family Health Chiropractic’s Posture Month promotion.

“It has been awesome,” she says. “As part of the patient’s second office visit, we gave free posture picture evaluations and taught the Stork posture exercise. Taking 10-15 minutes to explain how posture exercises factor into their whole treatment plan really helped patients to understand the importance of building strong posture.”

Though Family Health Chiropractic has diligently advertised their posture exercise program in the local paper, Gould says that its posture event created even more buzz. “The response was so positive that we are going to keep offering this consultation from now on.”

Family Health Chiropractic consistently promotes and incorporates posture exercise into patients’ wellness plans. Every month, 70-90 new patients begin the posture exercise program, there are 250–350 posture exercise appointments a month, and Gould expects that number to grow as they continue to raise posture awareness through evaluation of posture pictures and teaching a free posture exercise. “We have developed quite a following in our community,” Gould says.

Her advice to other healthcare professionals: Don’t be afraid to try something new, and to stick with it. With regards to incorporating posture exercise into her practice, she says, “At first the patients may not understand how posture exercise factors into overall health, and it may take a while for yourself and your staff to figure out how [teaching posture exercise] flows into your practice.” She continues, “Talk to your patients, take the time to explain and bring awareness to your patients about posture.” In her experience, the results have been incredible and inspiring.

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