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The Wall Street Journal had two articles about the system-wide trend towards patient satisfaction, a good thing for posture-focused professionals. CPEPs report that progressively empowering patients with the PosturePractice model boosts patient engagement, which also makes posture-centric rehab and patient education a platform for collaboration with other health professionals and ACO back pain algorithms. In addition to increasing patient satisfaction, a focus on posture rehab exercise opens the door for post medical intervention and lifestyle counseling rehab.

A system trend towards patient satisfaction


U.S. Ties Hospital Payments to Making Patients Happy

“Nearly $1 billion in payments to hospitals over the next year will be based in part on patient satisfaction, determined by a 27-question government survey administered to patients. Hospitals with high scores will get a bonus payment. Those with low ones will lose money.”

Wall Street Journal, October 15,2012

2) Let Doctors Cure Health-Care Costs

“The ailing fee-for-service model could be replaced by salaried-physician groups working within a fixed budget. Successful results of Medicare pilot programs will lead more physicians to form groups. This will generate competition among groups and individual specialists outside the groups. Market forces will keep care reasonably priced, encourage illness prevention—the best way to cut costs—and build the practices of primary-care physicians and specialists who meet the system’s goals.

If this approach to health care becomes more widely adopted, patients and physicians would be better off and costs would be managed effectively.”

Wall Street Journal, October 15,2012
PosturePractice Model promotes patient and inter-discipiline satisfaction

From Washington-based CPEP, Austin Hsu, D.C.

“I have been a practicing chiropractor for 10 years, working with physicians of different disciplines including medical doctors. The CPEP program has help me incorporate a concise, effective and turnkey posture program in my clinic. Not only has it helped my patients immensely in improving strong posture but also gives the the education of how and why which dramatically increases patient compliance.

I recommend this program to any physician who wishes to incorporate a highly effective posture focused wellness program into their practice. The postural aids: portable posture grid (a tremendous draw at our last spinal screening}, posture analysis software, posture package, are also very helpful in educating the patients on the importance of strong posture.

I have been extremely happy with the CPEP program and its continued support of Dr. Weiniger and even after a year after completion.”


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