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Sit to Stand Desk Referral Program

Join the Standing Desk Referral Program

Professional Partner program:

  1. Enroll in the program (–>>> click here to join)
  2. We’ll send your customized flyer with practice coupon code
  3. Print and provide flyers to patients/clients

Referral Program Benefits:

  • Your patients/clients get a discount on desk purchases
  • You receive revenue for each purchase using your code
  • Need a desk for your office or home-office? Our pros get a much bigger discount (ask us).
No risk, no inventory, and practically no effort to provide a great deal on a product people need.

Get Started Right Away


Interested in a new, cool and really affordable sit-to-stand desk option for your patients, clients, local corporations, and your office?


No Purchase Required (However, if you want a Standing Desk for your office):

    • Sign up at the link above
    • Referral program members get a discount
    • Once you join we’ll send more info by email
    • Note – health and fitness professionals only, no referral fee paid on pro purchase.

“We love the desks. I got one for a work station at the office and liked it so much I bought one for my home office and another for the front desk CA. We printed out a stack of flyers we keep at the front desk. We put a flyer on the back of the ergo desk so in the standing position patients are looking at the info. We’ve had tons of feedback and patients that have taken flyers that said they were buying one.” ~Dr. Ginsberg

Encourage Healthy Habits

We’ve seen the studies, not moving for long periods is a bad idea. The British Journal of Sports Medicine reporting growing evidence linking a sedentary lifestyle with increased risk of premature death from diabetes and cardiovascular disease. And it’s more than just being sedentary – it’s the act of sitting itself.

Outfitting your posture environment to make strong posture habits routine, rather than just a good intention is key. At BodyZone we use Uprite Ergo Sit-to-Stand desks – after many months in use we find Uprite Ergo standing desks to be sturdy, stable and affordable. Plus, they look really good.


We’ve tested both Uprite Ergo and Varidesk for several months. In an office environment we found the Uprite Ergo is a sleeker more modern profile. It’s elegantly built to raise and lower without back strain, takes the least amount of space on your desk and has a pullout shelf. You can see both designs below. (Note, pros get a discount not listed online – enroll for the code – enroll here).


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