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Standing Desk Referral Program

We’ve seen the studies, not moving for long periods is a bad idea. The British Journal of Sports Medicine reporting growing evidence linking a sedentary lifestyle with increased risk of premature death from diabetes and cardiovascular disease. And it’s more than just being sedentary – it’s the act of sitting itself as discussed in the Annals of Internal Medicine article.

Outfitting your posture environment to make strong posture habits routine, rather than just a good intention is key. At BodyZone we use Uprite Ergo Sit-to-Stand desks – after a couple years in use we find Uprite Ergo standing desks to be sturdy, stable and affordable ($400 before your discount for the basic model). Plus, they look really good.

Join the Standing Desk Referral Program

Get Started Now:

  1. Enroll in the free program (–>>> click here to join)
  2. We’ll send your customized flyer with practice coupon code
  3. Print and provide flyers to patients/clients

Details will be sent by email, but essentially you’ll get a flyer and referral code to give to patients/clients that explains the benefits of Sit-to-Stand tech and offers a discount on purchase.

Get your standing desk (optional):

Purchase a desk at a discount for your practice or home office. We strongly recommend placing it in your office or at front desk where patients will see it, how it works and can ask questions.

Save $75 (1st purchase only – we negotiated this intro deal for our professional members – only). I’m a big fan of sit to stand desks, and since you’re one of our pros, you’ll be able to evaluate the innovative design and really understand the benefits and ease of use before recommending the variable height desk to patients, clients, family and friends.

Having a unit in the office generates more interest and sales – plus you’ll love it.

  • Order any desk from
  • During checkout use the code we provided in the email ($75 Off) Can’t find it? Ask for it here
  • Reminder – for health/fitness pros only, one use only. No referral fee paid on pro purchase.

Referral Program Benefits

  • Your patients/clients will save on purchases
  • Your practice will receive a referral for each purchase using your code

No risk, no inventory, and practically no effort to provide a great deal on a product people need.  Plus a guilt-free gift to yourself to start the New Year right! The savings on the initial desk is a limited time offer – Get one now, and let me know how you like it.

We’ve tested the Uprite Ergo and numerous other standing desks for over the last 2 years. In an office environment I find the Uprite Ergo has a sleeker more modern profile. It’s elegantly built to raise and lower without back strain, takes the least amount of space on your desk and has a pullout shelf my staff loves.

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