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Wal-Mart Shows the Shape of Things to Come

Wal-Mart just announced it is eliminating health insurance for part-time employess, and SHARPLY raising premiums for full timers. The decision by America’s largest employer in advance of ObamaCare going fully into effect in 2014 is the shape of things to come. Employers will have a choice- cover everyone, or pay a penalty. Since the penalty will be far less than the cost of providing insurance, many will stop covering employees.

My prediction stands (regardless of who wins the 2012 election): We are headed for a national medi-gov plan, essentially medicare for all. Basics will be covered, but people will be trained to pay for “non-emergency” care out of pocket.

Which is why chiropractors, PTs, massage therapists, trainers and other Posture Professionals who work to optimize motion and function can be successful as the population ages…the key is building the perceived value for services. The Walmart logo may be more true than the company realizes, if reducing coverage encourages greater responsibility for health.

In other words…having people choose to pay out of pocket because they functionally observe and KNOW you help them, and because you help them to help themselves move well.


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