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Balancing Aging Myths & Realities

How attitude & posture can change how you feel about aging…and how you age

Attitude may not quite be everything…but it’s a lot more than even most happy people realize.

The Wall Street Journal just featured an article, “To Age Well, Change How You Feel About Aging,” and it talked about how “negative stereotypes about getting older can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.” Their prescription for improving mind-set and well-being:

  • Become aware of the difference between the myths and realities of aging. Statistically speaking, people over 65 are generally happier and in better financial shape.
  • Recognize negative stereotypes in society and yourself. Declaring you’re having a “senior moment” when you’ve forgotten something is programming yourself in a negative direction.
  • Substitute positive stereotypes. Instead of a old and doddering, think old and wise.
  • Accept the aging process – balance and own your age and abilities.

Balance is key – both mental and physical. Keeping a balanced, healthy attitude is just as important as keeping a balanced body. If you’ve noticed your sense of balance getting worse or experienced a fall, now’s the time to start StrongPosture® or other balance strengthening exercises.

Stand Taller in body and mind to improve your aging attitude, as well as keeping you healthier.


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