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Corporate Wellness Lecture

Research repeatedly shows dire health consequences for people who spend a good deal of their lives sitting – even if they also take time to exercise. Flexed posture is bio-mechanically weak posture, but in addition to back pain the health effects of sitting can include increased risk of digestive problems, heart disease and diabetes.

To help you teach the importance of movement throughout the day, sitting posture and their effects on health we’ve developed a customizable, 30-45 minute PowerPoint corporate wellness lecture that thoroughly cites current research, plus explains:

  • Why Sitting is the next impending health crisis
  • How to create posture awareness
  • Ways to strengthen posture awareness
  • How to improve posture environment and habits

Watch the short preview


  • PowerPoint lecture – ready to go, or edit to customize
  • Video demo helps you prepare for teaching
  • Preset slides are ready for you to inlcude your business info and special offer
  • Lecture transcript you can use and edit
  • Bonus tips from Dr. Weiniger to help position you as the local Posture Specialist

ORDER Corporate Wellness Lecture FROM POSTUREZONE.COM

Created by posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger, this powerful new presentation will help you educate people about the importance of posture, and how standing taller really can help people live longer – while promoting the services you provide.

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