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Fall Prevention Lecture

Fall Prevention, Protection & Mitigation – is a PowerPoint lecture designed for health and fitness pros to teach in your community.  The audience is boomers, seniors, geriatrics and caregivers. And it can be easily modified to broaden the audience.

Falls are a serious topic and concern as people age which is why we created the fall prevention lecture for you to teach.  Many are aware that a fall often means the likelihood of another fall, hospitalization, and can create a life threatening crisis.

Following posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger’s Posture ACE Model of Awareness, Control and Environment, you’ll engage listeners with ideas to live an active life as they age by increasing awareness, strengthening posture and balance, and optimizing their environment to reduce the risk of a fall.

Watch a short preview

The lecture is supported with current research, and explains the role posture and balance play in reducing fall risk, and tips to reduce tripping hazards.

You’ll get your audience up and moving with balance benchmark demos, and then engage them with a posture picture (or other event offering).  The lecture ends with your call to action and thanks.

  • Presentation is approx 30-45 minute, and can be shortened as needed
  • PowerPoint file is ready to use and can be edited
  • Preset slides are ready for your business contact info and call to action offer
  • Included video demo prepares you for your event
  • Lecture transcript is also included – making it easy to prepare and edit


Created by Dr. Steven Weiniger, the lecture provides an important message for boomers, seniors, geriatrics, caregivers – and for those who have aging loved ones.

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