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DataPoint: Are Boomers Booming?

In a study comparing people with an average age of 54 in 1988-1994 to Baby Boomers of the same age from 2007-2010, the overall health status was lower in Baby Boomers, with 13% reporting excellent health compared with 32% of individuals in the previous generations, according to NHANES.

Boomers had more problems with hypertension, disability and even the ability to walk than the prior generation. Rates of chronic disease in the Baby Boomer generation were compared to the previous generation, and high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and rates of obesity were all higher.

POSTURE IMPLICATION:  As our society has become increasingly sedentary, it is a no-brainer that poor posture has impacted the health of our Boomers.  PostureProfessionals work with aging individuals to stay active through StrongPosture exercises, which are low-impact and therapeutic for those with trouble walking, standing, and breathing.

This study also calls for attention to our younger generations.  Through posture exercises, as taught by local CPEPs, children, teens, young adults, and middle-aged adults can start making an impact on their aging now.


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