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postural neck pain

Deep Cervical Focused Motion Exercise Reduces Postural Neck Pain

Study looks at dental professionals with chronic pain

Nearly three-quarters of dentists suffer from neck pain, and a recent study tested the idea that primary causes are posture and tightly controlled, repetitive movements.

Functioning normally, the deep cervical muscles stabilize the neck by working in synergy with superficial muscles, so researchers compared the effectiveness of posture exercise focused on deep cervical flexors (DCF) on neck pain, neck disability index and forward head posture in 30 dentists suffering from chronic non-severe neck pain.

When compared with conventional exercise, after 4 weeks both groups had reduced pain, but only the DCF training showed improvement in forward head posture.

“DCF training is more effective than conventional isometric exercise in improving forward head posture, decreasing pain and disability in dentists suffering from chronic neck pain.”

To strengthen kinetic chain weakness in postural pain syndromes, target deep, neglected muscles (i.e. the DCF, which is one area of focus for the StrongPosture® Alignment Exercise 1.2-Cervical Retractions)


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