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Dr. Angell on Prenatal Posture

Optimizing your core strength and alignment for easier pregnancy and birth

One of the most common complaints from expecting mothers is an increase of back pain and discomfort, especially toward the latter months of pregnancy. Focusing on strengthening posture can help mothers enjoy a better pregnancy, as well as more successful deliveries.

Dr. Jennifer Angell, a chiropractor and Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP) focusing on natural birth and midwifery, has worked at several specialty prenatal chiropractic practices throughout her career. Her recent posture specialization training revealed how important strong posture is throughout a woman’s pregnancy.

“An expecting mother’s body undergoes many changes, and these often result in postural distortions. Starting pregnancy care with StrongPosture® exercises lessens these distortions, especially with the attention to core muscles and alignment. This leads to a stronger, healthier body capable of withstanding the common discomforts of pregnancy.”

Dr. Angell (pictured left), who practices in Orange County, California, had always been drawn to obstetrics and pediatrics classes during her time at chiropractic college. Specializing in these areas, Dr. Angell added to her expertise by becoming a certified birth doula and is currently studying to be a midwife. As she discussed with the duration of the pregnancy, Dr. Angell also notes the incredible value of posture in preparation for the birthing process.

“When a mother focuses on her posture during pregnancy, she increases the likelihood of great delivery. She’s more comfortable in pregnancy, reduces her labor time, and helps ensure that her baby will be in the best position to engage for delivery. This is incredibly important, as it could mean the difference between a vaginal and Caesarian birth.”

“Pregnancy shifts a woman’s balance,” according to posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger. “The baby’s growth leads to weight gain, exaggerated lumbar lordosis, and, in other words, her posture changes. Optimizing this shift towards fully engaging her core muscles can make a huge difference for the actual delivery. Especially if there’s been a history of low back pain, focused motion posture exercise can help expectant moms feel much better during pregnancy.”

Upon finishing her midwife license, Dr. Angell plans to open a birthing center that combines various wellness services, such as chiropractic, posture exercise, massage, acupuncture, and medical providers, in order to provide a wealth of resources and benefits to expecting mothers.

“Mothers need a multidimensional approach to cover all facets of pregnancy and childbirth. With a background in chiropractic, posture exercise, and professional midwifery, the sky is the limit. Having a multidisciplinary background provides huge opportunities, allowing me to bring so many tools to process of having babies. Posture exercise is vital for women to have the best experience throughout their pregnancy.”


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