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Fit for the 21st Century

Keeping Active People Active

The New Niche

Boomers not going quietly into the sunset, and will “show society as a whole that they are capable of doing much more than sitting in the proverbial rocking chair or playing golf all day ” according to a recent Atlanta Journal article, Retire? No thanks, say these baby boomers


Staying active means you keeping your body moving.  This is creating market niches targeting both fear and desire.

DESIRE-Personal training will continue to grow and progress to personalized body therapy targeted to the individual’s changing clinical history (from bad knee to new knee replacement) and habits (new activities for body and mind).

FEAR– Fall injuries derail many active lifestyles. Fall prevention is big,and will become huge are falls stop formerly active people in their tracks and start a vicious cycle of inactivity and breakdown.


Posture Professionals such as CPEPs recommend annual posture pictures and strengthening posture to optimize how an individual sits, stands and moves at as they age.

StrongPosture® exercise programs are designed to strengthen Balance (and prevent falls), postural Alignment (all motion begins with posture), and overall control of body Motion (by targeting these 3 Elements of Posture)


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