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Low Back Pain and Exercise

Written by Steven Weiniger Written by Steven Weiniger on Tuesday, 26 November 2013. Posted in Research, Clinical

Low back pain suffers experience equally meaningful improvement in low back pain and disability with exercise, regardless of whether they exercised in a limited range of motion or a full range of motion, according to a new SPINE journal study. Researchers also found controlling range of motion to less than full improved lumbar extension strength as much as full range exercise.

WEINIGER’s CONJECTURE: The clinical improvement observed with controlled motion StrongPosture® exercise in a less than full motion is due to training effects on short range intrinsic muscles in arcs of motion that stabilize vertebral motor unit segments, regardless of whether traditional full range rehab is included in the program

TAKEAWAY: The Body is made to Move (1st Posture Principle) + The Body Learns to Move in the Patterns you Teach it (3rd Posture Principle) = Use it to Keep It

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Limited Range of Motion Lumbar Extension Exercise in Chronic Low Back Pain.  James Steele , BSc (Hons), Stewart Bruce-Low, PhD, Dave Smith, PhD, David Jessop, PhD, Neil Osborne, PhD.  Disclosures Spine. 2013;38(15):1245-1252.


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