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Neck Pain, Motion and Sensori-motor Errors

Neck pain affects neck motion, and motion issues (kinematics) can affect pain. A recent study looked at “relationships between altered kinematics to the symptoms and signs of sensorimotor impairments, neck pain and disability and fear of neck motion in people with neck pain.” (Manual Therapy 2015)

Their Results:
“Range and velocity of motion of cervical rotation appeared to be most related to visual disturbances and pain or dynamic balance.”

  • However, these relationships only explained about 30% of the variance of each measure.

Their Conclusion:
“Signs and symptoms of sensorimotor dysfunction should be considered and monitored in the management of altered cervical rotation kinematics in patients with chronic neck disorders.”

Dr. Weiniger’s Take:
Balance and quality of Motion (two elements of the BAM StrongPosture® Protocols) are relevant to neck pain.

Please contact me if you’ve an interest in studies integrating the third element, Alignment, and then systematically integrating Balance, Alignment and Motion (BAM) in a clinical study.

Cited Source
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