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Posture Specialist: Dr. Brad Grizzaffi, DC CPEP

Posture Professional Spotlight:

Dr. Brad Grizzaffi
of Pinhook Chiropractic Clinic in Lafayette, LA

“One of my little league football coaches was a local chiropractor. Dr. Tregle offered to take a look at my injury. While he examined me, he discussed how the body and nervous system work. I was taken aback by it; I was amazed at the body’s ability to recover.”  Grizzaffi continues, “Coming from a family rooted in medicine, I had already known that I wanted to pursue some form of health care career; but at that moment I was drawn in to the idea of holistic proactive health care and I knew that Chiropractic was my calling.”

Upon graduating from his high school in Morgan City, LA, Grizzaffi went to LSU to work on pre-med courses and then fast-tracked to Parker Chiropractic College, where he completed his doctorate. In 1999 and at only 23 years old, he graduated from Parker and immediately began practicing in Lafayette, La at Pinhook Chiropractic Clinic – first as an Associate Doctor under Dr. David Eugster, DC and later as Owner and Clinic Director of Pinhook Chiropractic.

Dr. Grizzaffi expresses, “We have never been a ‘pain practice.’ Ours is a subluxation, holistic-focused practice.  At Pinhook Chiropractic, we believe strongly in patient education. We believe that in today’s world, doctors should be teachers. We therefore look at ourselves as educators as well as doctors. After fifteen years of practice, my goal is to empower every patient to control their own health, first through believing that health is in fact something that you can control. We begin by addressing all facets of health: attitude, nutrition, proper rest, posture, exercise and of course, chiropractic.”  Grizzaffi adds, “Our chiropractic philosophy utilizes corrective care therapy with the intention of preventing illness before it manifests itself. We treat the body with the intention of improving and enhancing the immune and nervous system thus preventing future ailments for our patients.”

Prior to the becoming of a CPEP, Dr. Grizzaffi laid the foundation for growing his practice. Dr. Grizzaffi explains, “We strive to provide a level of service to our patients that will separate us from other offices. We see benefit in incorporating a number of alternative treatments. We know that by staying on the cutting edge of health care, we can continue to provide the most optimal form of health care possible to a wide range of patients. Over the years we have provided treatment through the use of Spinal manipulation, Traction, Physiotherapy modalities, Soft tissue massage therapy, Nutrition Counseling, VAXD therapy and Spinal Rehabilitation Programs. We found the most inconsistency with setting up the Rehab Program. In many cases, we found that there was a lack of both interest and accountability from our patients. This is why the CPEP program was right for us. It provided us a foundation that is easy for our patients to understand and enjoyable for them to do!”

Dr. Grizzaffi first met Dr. Weiniger at a seminar in 2010, where he learned about the StrongPosture protocols and decided to pursue the CPEP program. He valued how in line the CPEP program was with ideas he had been trying to incorporate inside of his own practice. When he became a CPEP, he took the idea of building a Posture Practice to heart. In the two years since he completed his certification, Grizzaffi boasts that his whole practice is involved with the program.

“All of my team is involved with the posture exercises. The CPEP program fits right in with our practice. The information and packages provided in the Strong Posture program make it so easy to use, and we’ve enjoyed working with it. The CPEP program and brought the tools to my office to tie together all these things we have been working toward already – it has created a foundation to work with patients toward goals and helps us to be consistent with the services we provide.”

In the process of integrating the CPEP program into the framework he had already laid out, Dr. Grizzaffi decided to bring in additional help to fully implement the program and bring it to life. He added an associate doctor and an athletic trainer to his staff to help do just this. Grizzaffi currently has three associate doctors in his office – Dr. Josh Bailey, Dr. Jason Neatherlin and Dr. Shane Chaisson. The four docs work together as a team to provide services to their patients. Dr. Chaisson is also currently working toward receiving his own CPEP Certification in order to further develop the Strong Posture exercise program within their practice.

Grizzaffi says, “We brought Dr. Shane Chaisson in to tie it all together. He helps to run the rehab department and works closely with our athletic trainer, Rickey Castaneda, as well. This collaboration has made our Spinal Rehabilitation department very strong. I feel that this service separates us from other offices and allows us to provide a level of care that is above and beyond.”

To Dr. Grizzaffi, providing improved patient health and satisfaction is the overall goal of making Pinhook Chiropractic Clinic a PosturePractice, and he believes that getting people excited about posture exercise has helped accomplished both goals. “The missing part of most chiropractic offices is posture exercise. Patients want to be active. Brand new patients often ask, ‘What exercises can I do?’ The challenge, though, is having a program laid out to establish consistency and proper accountability from the both the patients and your team. Now that we’ve committed 100% to becoming a Posture Practice, people have been really excited about doing the exercises. They see benefit to improving the framework of their body and are benefiting daily from the results of the program.”

Dr. Grizzaffi believes that the StrongPosture protocols have helped him to further develop a system to move patients from passive phases of pain management treatment to active phases of healthcare.

He explains that the Posture Principles bring to life a whole new dynamic of patient education as well. “Being able to use the protocols helps our patients to see that even after they are feeling better, it is essential to maintain proper posture, alignment, balance and motion. We believe that it is vital to educate our patients that if you don’t take care of the framework of the body, it will affect the immune and nervous systems. These systems are essential for life. When these life lines are cut short, it can shave years of quality off of a person’s life, and in some cases quantity. This ties together the foundations of our chiropractic office. Now we are not only helping the people of our community to feel better; we are teaching skills to provide them with a sense of the fountain of youth.”


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Dr. Brad Grizzaffi, owner of Pinhook Chiropractic Clinic in Lafayette, LA, was no stranger to holistic medicine when he decided to pursue his Doctor of Chiropractic. An avid athlete during his childhood, Grizzaffi played many sports; as is often the case, he developed pain and injury in his upper back, which led to his first interaction with chiropractic care.

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