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Posture Specialist: Mr. Luther Lockard, MT CPEP

Posture Professional Spotlight:

Mr. Luther Lockard, MT CPEP
of Corporate Massage Therapies in Medford, NJ.

Luther Lockard’s journey to becoming a clinical massage therapist and Certified Posture Exercise Professional is strongly rooted in his former career in safety and risk management. He was exposed to holistic care through colleagues in occupational health, who helped to develop his interest in the many benefits of massage therapy. Lockard began taking part-time massage classes while continuing his corporate management career, until his company downsized in 1997: from that point forward, he has pursued clinical massage therapy full-time.

Running a successful, one-man massage therapy business since 2004, Lockard finds that StrongPosture exercises were the missing connection between therapy and maintenance for his clients. As he continually seeks to further his knowledge-base and education, Lockard became interested in posture in 2008. He took Posturology courses with Paul St. John, but wanted something more streamlined and automated in tracking, charting, and, importantly, correcting posture. That is when he became familiar with BodyZone, PostureZone software, and StrongPosture exercises.

“The PostureZone software program: unbelievable,” he says. “Taking PosturePictures pre- and post-massage, and using these to plan assessments and build a baseline has been a great success. People love the posture pictures. It has actually helped me to see further and deeper the relationship between what’s going on with a person’s posture and a person’s lifestyle.”

He strongly believes that the visual reinforcement that comes with showing clients their posture assessment, as well as the seeing and feeling the results from performing StrongPosture exercises, motivates them into taking an active role in their healthcare, which in Lockard’s eyes is the ultimate goal.

“I want the people who want the world, people who really have a serious commitment and interest in making lifestyle changes,” he says. “The StrongPosture posture exercises help them to realize that they have to see the world differently; what you do is part of the way you are. StrongPosture exercises are the missing link to build the bridge to help people make that lifestyle change. The program presents an integrated way to change people’s lifestyles, habits, and help to maintain the therapies that you provide.”

In addition to helping people strengthen their posture and reduce their pain, Lockard finds that the CPEP program has helped him to grow and expand his business. “CPEP is a stand-alone, comprehensive program that you can integrate into whatever it is you do – chiropractic, massage, physical therapy – to build your business, and it’s expandable in a number of genres. You can go the speaker circuit route, the group exercise route, the individual one-on-one training route, health and wellness trade shows, or a combination of all the above. There are so many ways you can implement the protocols to fit however large or small your practice is.”


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