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Posture Specialist: Ms. Raina Trevenna, OT CHT CWCE CPEP

Posture Professional Spotlight:

Having worked for 15 years as an Occupational Therapist, Raina Trevenna has seen a broad spectrum of work and stress-related injuries, many of which she felt could have been avoided through preventative exercises and education.

“There are so many misconceptions about the injury process and mechanics of our body. Fortunately, as a therapist, I’m in an industry where I get time with my patients. I can educate them. That’s what I relish about my position.”

While studying for her Certification in Hand Therapy, she became interested in how the body is integrated as a whole and how treatment cannot just focus on the affected area. In researching more about holistic, preventative approaches to her work, she came across BodyZone and Stand Taller Live Longer. Dr. Weiniger’s approach to posture and kinetic motion resonated with her, and she felt that the CPEP Program was what she had been looking for to make a connection with the community and teach techniques to prevent injuries successfully and live healthier lives.

“The CPEP program is built on a strong foundation in structural integration, and every piece is a building block that complements each of the others. There are immense benefits to good posture and so many different arenas in which I have found posture exercises useful. No matter what medical field you are in, tapping into the benefits of posture education can really enrich the services you’re providing.”

Trevenna’s main career focus is changing the face of workplace wellness. She works as an out-patient therapist at a local hospital four days a week, incorporating posture exercises into her daily practice. She is then very active using her time away from the hospital to work on marketing her new business, Designing Wellness, which specializes in bringing education and empowerment into the workplace through “lunch-and-learn” seminars, workshops and retreats. As an Occupational Therapist, Trevenna works closely with work-related injuries and sees workplace wellness as an opportunity to prevent pain and create a happier, healthier work environment. For both employers and employees, she says, “It’s a win-win situation.”

“Everybody gets something out of it. Whether you have had an injury or no injury, whether you have an active lifestyle or prefer watching t.v., whether you work on a computer all day or are on your feet …there is something for everyone. My patients and clients who have received posture training have never given negative feedback. It makes me feel that I’ve really made a positive impact.”

Though she’s just launched her company, Trevenna is already making waves in her local area. Her efforts have garnered media coverage and community attention. Additionally, she wrote an article for Orlando Medical News on the preventative benefits of posture exercise and education, which has piqued industry interest.

Passionate about what she has achieved so far, Trevenna yearns to do more and looks forward to how she will contribute to what she calls “The Wellness Revolution.”

“People are thirsty for knowledge, and medical professionals are the gatekeepers. I believe the challenges in the healthcare industry today are putting new demands on healthcare providers and providing positive motivation to share knowledge so that people understand how to take better care of themselves. Education is power, and we need to give that back to the mainstream population. I really believe in what I’m doing. I believe it’s going to help a lot of people down the road.”

Ms. Raina Trevenna, OT CHT CWCE CPEP
of Designing Wellness in Tampa, FL.

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